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For over 15 years, I have taught, critiqued, and career-advised hundreds of graduate and undergraduate students within the context of large, tier-1 research universities and elite private colleges. I have reviewed design portfolios for corporations, multiple educational programs, and internal competitions and awards. More so than lecturing in front of a class,

I enjoy working side-by-side with individual designers on their creative work and careers.

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While committed to supporting students at the University of Michigan, I occasionally coach prospective students, current students, recent grads, & career changers in the US and abroad.

Project Development Feedback

Sometimes there are important projects that need another set of eyes and perspectives, whether diverging and coming up with more alternatives, or converging upon the best solutions. This could be in the problem-finding or problem-solving phases. Or there may be something great that you need help communicating or disseminating to the right company, institution, or public. I support and foster commercial, responsible, experimental, and discursive projects or agendas. 

Portfolio Review, Strategy, and Development

Most design schools expect a portfolio. This is often the most important factor in determining admission offers, and scholarships to an extent. It is usually crucial for most design jobs. Students without design degrees can sometimes apply to graduate programs that don't require a portfolio and/or offer portfolio alternatives. Depending on a student's skills, they may be better off with a rudimentary portfolio than these other options, sometimes not.


Career and School Selection Strategy

Not all industrial design programs are alike. Just because a school has a high ranking doesn't mean that it is necessarily a good fit. After clarifying a prospective student's goals, unique strengths, and interests, schools can then be identified that are a match in terms of curriculum, geography, culture, and competitiveness.

Admissions Essay Strategy and Editing

Many design schools require written admissions essays, especially graduate programs. It's important to strategize an approach that represents individual personality and goals, but that also fits with what schools can support. The best skilled students are not always admitted when the essay indicates a mismatch with the school feeling that they cannot adequately support their interests and expectations. 

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